CITIZEN CORPS;  Citizen Corps  was created to help coordinate volunteer activities that will make our communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to any emergency situation. Citizen Corps provides opportunities for citizens to participate in a range of activities to make their families, their homes, and their communities safer from the threats of crime, terrorism, and natural disasters.

CERT:  The Community Emergency Response Team  (CERT) program supports local response capability by training established volunteers to organize themselves, with other spontaneous volunteers, at the site of a disaster , to provide immediate assistance to victims and to collect disaster intelligence to support first responders' efforts when they arrive on the scene.

The CERT Program educates individuals and groups in relation to disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area, while providing training in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, response team organization, and disaster medical operations.

MEDICAL RESERVE CORPS:  The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) coordinates the skills of practicing and retired physicians, nurses and other health professionals, as well as other citizens interested in health issues, who are eager to volunteer to address their community's ongoing public health needs and to help their community during large-scale emergency situations.  Greenbrier Valley MRC is a collaboration of volunteer medical professionals serving Greenbrier & Monroe counties in West Virginia.

If you or your organization are interested in these opportunities to serve your community, please contact us for more information!

Welcome to Greenbrier Valley Citizen Corps, CERT, Medical Reserve Corps!