Mission Statement

The mission of the Greenbrier County Homeland Security & Emergency Management is to maintain a high level of preparedness, to protect the citizens of Greenbrier County; to mitigate loss of life and assets prior to and during a disaster and in the aftermath; and to facilitate the recovery of Greenbrier County in the mid- and long-term intervals following a disaster.Greenbrier County Homeland Security & Emergency Management (GCHS & EM) has the responsibility to coordinate all county emergency response plans. GCHS & EM’s responsibilities are to identify vulnerabilities, effectively mitigate disasters, public education, respond to all-hazard emergency situations, and ensure continuity of government and business and to facilitate an effective recovery. GCHS & EM will coordinate with local, state and federal agencies, as well as private entities to develop, maintain and implement the Emergency Operations Plan. GCHS&EM will support and manage the county's Emergency Operations Center.


Summer time is here and now is the time to have your emergency kit together (water, food and flashlights are a few items)

New Addressing Website for Greenbrier County
The following is the link to the addressing website for the public to begin using for access to the address mapping.  This will be the best option for keeping everyone informed regarding addresses as it is searchable, provides multiple layers, and will be updated on a regular basis.


To Contact the Addressing and Mapping Department call 304-520-4958

Greenbrier County Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Greenbrier County Public Notification System
(To sign up for the mass notification system click on the link)